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Psychotherapy Services

Individuals (18 and older)

In one-on-one, confidential sessions, our therapists work closely with you to address the concerns that brought you into treatment, to explore the thoughts and motivations underlying your behaviors and, ultimately, to help you improve your quality of life.


Couples often reach a point where there is a breakdown in communication, a decreased ability to trust, or a feeling of not being heard or understood. Couples therapy at Inklusive Therapy provides a safe space for partners to explore their relationship dynamics, work through conflict, and develop skills to strengthen their relationship

Groups (offered once per quarter)

Our groups are tailored to match the specific needs of group members, and we work hard to keep our groups tailored to allow for meaningful and personal connections. Each group encourages honest and vulnerable interpersonal communication among the members, all within a safe and welcoming environment, and the development of insight into how each person functions in intimate and social relationships.


In family therapy member’s work together to reconnect, harness and strengthen existing resources and find inventive solutions to tough problems. Family therapy can be useful in any family situation that causes stress, grief, anger or conflict. Issues that may bring a family to therapy could include: a problem a child is having in school, mental, behavioral, or physical illness of a family member, loss of a family member, siblings not getting along, or dissatisfaction or dissolution in a marriage.

Supervision Services

Available for LMSW practitioners seeking LCSW hours

Corporate Grief Services

Services offered to small businesses or corporations seeking onsite therapy services for employees dealing with a colleague’s death or traumatic events in the work environment.

Consultation Services

This service is for aspiring therapist or organizations seeking guidance on how to navigate their current business.

In person, phone, and video sessions available.

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