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Inklusive Therapy was founded in 2019 by Racquel Reid.
The practice was created out of the desire to fill a noticeable gap in mental health services for underserved people and communities. We believe therapy services is a necessity and should be accessible to all people.

Our mission is to provide compassionate therapy services to empower people to improve their quality of life.

Our vision is to:

  • Increase access to mental health services

  • Increase education regarding mental health services and treatment

  • Decrease stigma associated with mental health services and treatment

We value inclusion of all people. We operate with a profound understanding of the intersectionality of race, religion, culture, gender, sexuality, and other factors impacting functioning and mental health.

Racquel Reid, LCSW

My experience includes 12 years working in social services providing direct care, clinical services, and management services. During my career, I’ve assisted clients with navigating through various issues such as mental health challenges

(Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, etc.), personality disorders, trauma, relational issues, gender identity and sexuality issues, addiction (sexual, gambling, substances) chronic medical illnesses, grief and the loss of loved ones.

I take a trauma informed approach to treatment. I am skilled with applying several treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Psychoanalytic, Mindfulness, Strength-based, Holistic therapy, and other methods. Treatment methods are adapted to the individuals need.

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Kadidra Merchant, LMSW

Kadidra Merchant is a Licensed Social Worker. She received her Master of Social Work degree from New York University, NYU.


I work with individuals who worry that healing and therapy will rob them of their swag. I work with individuals who are yearning for a change but the finish line feels too far away. Sometimes our vision can be so blurred we don’t know where to start. We often get caught in a cycle repeating patterns that we know are unconducive to the intentions and goals we set for ourselves but somehow can’t break out of them. I create a space for you to explore said patterns and identify blockages that keep you stagnant. I prompt you by asking questions that challenge and encourage you to go deeper and encourage you to be honest with yourself about what’s happening both consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously. I work very closely with the things you don’t say, but do. I challenge you to understand your hard wiring and expose you to the trauma that is so deeply imbedded within your internal structures. 


Through therapy with me, you gain an understanding of yourself, learn and implement new skills that will assist you in loving yourself a little deeper, going a little harder towards your goals, becoming more intentional about where you invest your time, creating a clear vision of your life on your own terms, succeed at interpersonal relationships, and overall take control of your life. As I am also a Couple’s Therapist, I equip you with the skills to build and maintain heathy, loving, and supportive long standing romantic partnerships of your deepest desires.


I offer you a dynamic therapeutic experience as I use a myriad of treatment modalities to ensure all of your therapeutic needs are being met. I am committed to practicing cultural humility with values rooted in Critical Race Theory, Standpoint Theory, and Anti-Oppressive Trauma-Informed practices. I work with individuals and couples including those who identify with polyamory or polygamy and those who identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Some of the modalities I use are Compassion Focused, Systems Approach, Gestalt, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy. 

Meet the TEAM

Michele Morelli,MHC-LP

“You are not alone.”

My name is Michele and I have a passion to help others overcome whatever hurdles are in their way and be the best version of themselves. 


I graduated from Hofstra University with a dual masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling in Mental Health. I am a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) and currently utilizing my limited permit to pursue my dream of becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). 


Through my schooling, professional and personal experiences, I believe that psychotherapy is a positive and productive way to navigate life, whether in large or small scale situations. Psychotherapy has the ability to shine light on what is not always at the forefront and provide the guidance that is not always sought, but needed. 


As a therapist, I want to offer a safe space for you to feel comfortable being your true self; let you know that you are being heard; work together, collectively to dissect and take things step-by-step to prove that you are strong and can handle life even at its messiest. Life is about experiences, a beautiful journey; “no one said it would be easy, but promised it would be worth it.” Let me help show you that you have the ability, strength, and tools to take on whatever life throws at you and persevere. 


Some of my hobbies include baking, spending time with the ones I love, playing with my dogs, cycling, and reading a page-turning thriller. 



Take the leap and let me help you help yourself. I leave you with this; “What if this actually works...”

Sherell Hooks, LMSW

Sherell is a Licensed Master of Social Worker (LMSW) in the state of New York.  She obtained her degree from Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus). Her experience includes working with clients who have mental health challenges such as depression, bipolar, anxiety, and substance addiction.


Sherell believes that through the use of psychotherapy and other treatment modalities, individuals increase their well-being and healthy coping skills. As a psychotherapist, she creates a safe and engaging space for healing - by using a collaborative approach to help her clients work through their healing process and perspective on life.  


In her spare time, she enjoys trying new recipes, traveling, volunteer work, and spending time with family. 

Yudelka Guerra

My passion is to help others who feel burdened and overwhelmed by life. I am a Social work intern, currently attending York College and a mother raising children through the hustle and bustle of city life. I aspire to be a Therapist to serve marginalized populations in need of support and assistance with exploring ways of moving forward to navigate through life transitions. 


I am a believer that all is possible. With my passion to help others in addition to my life experiences and professional background I am able to provide support and connect individuals to services and resources. My professional background includes over 10 years of direct case management experience with a nonprofit agency facilitating the needs of mental health and underserved populations to resolve barriers to services needed to regain self – sufficiency by transitioning and maintaining independent living. 


I believe psychotherapy is key to addressing and understanding the root cause of challenges in life. I want to offer assistance with exploring self-awareness, thought patterns, and increase practical skills while providing support to navigate through life adjustments/ changes. 


My hobbies include cooking; I am a foodie at heart, traveling to embrace foreign cultures, DIYs and decorating. 

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