Welcome to Inklusive Therapy

Inclusion for all people. 

We are a full service psychotherapy private practice based in New York City. We help clients manage emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges to make meaningful mindful choices about how to be the most authentic version of themselves and live their best life.

Phone: 917.994.6285

Location: 120 West 31st Street

              New York, NY 10001

Why Inklusive Therapy?

We can help with

Mental Health Challenges

Some common symptoms are changes in mood, the way you perceive things, obsessions, fears, and anxiety. 

Personality Disorders

Groups of mental illness involving long-term patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are unhealthy.


The experience of severe emotional distress following an overwhelming event.

Gender Identity and Sexuality Issues

Inklusive Therapy is an LGBTQ+ affirming practice. Explore challenges relating to gender and sexuality. Common themes are acceptance, rejection, exploration, and comfortability within one's body and the freedom to express yourself freely.

Relational Issues

Explore relationship dynamics and work through conflict among two or more people.


Psychological and physical inability to stop consuming chemical, drug, activity, or substance, even though it causes harm.